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The Joker

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Features of The Joker

This exclusive completely handmade collection combines various rare and iconic vintage patches and accessories with 100% original vietnam (battle worn) jackets. Each piece is curated and customized by Johnny to create a unique one of a kind wearable piece of art and history.


  • Shoulders: 15"
  • Width: 19"
  • Height: 24.5"


**This jacket has seen action**

One of the most unique finds, this jacket has repaired damage from action seen in the Vietnam war. This jacket was damaged and repaired in the field. You will find several authentic repaired spots throughout the garment. 



 Rare Original 60's Joker Gumball Pinback Button: 

By 1966 the batman tv show had become a pop culture phenomenon. Cesar Romero (known as the latin lover in his time) who played the iconic Joker didn't want to shave his moustache to play the role and so they just painted makeup over it. These rare buttons are hard to find and were only available in gumball machines in the 1960's. 


Rare Original Embroidered Joker Patch:

The 48th Assault Helicopter Company arrived in Vietnam in 1965 and were initially based at Phan Rang. During their stay in Vietnam they were variously based at; Phan Rang, Tuy Hoa, Duc To (In support of US Special Forces Missions into Laos and Cambodia), Phu Hiep, Ninh Hao, Marble Mountain and Dong Ha

They did not depart Vietnam until 1972.

Original Embroidered Truong Son Recon Patch:

US Special Forces were first assigned to Vietnam in 1957 and soon after, a limited number of unauthorized insignia were developed to distinguish the different Vietnamese units, qualifications and awards. This specific Special Forces design is a spin on the Batman emblem. Truong Son was a logistical network of roads and trails that ran from North Vietnam to the South Vietnam through the kingdoms of Laos and Cambodia. Truong Son is more commonly known in the United States as The Ho Chi Minh trail. A site of ferocious battles during the war. 


Original 1960's Peace Button:

While U.S. soldiers were in the midst of a war on Vietnamese soil, U.S. citizens were engaging in their own domestic war of protests. In the 60s and 70s, the pinback button found use as Vietnam war protest buttons and peace pins. 


Original 1970's biker skull pin: 

In 1970, fashion did not only express belonging to a tribe; it became a political tool as well. Hippies said no to the Vietnam wars, yes to drugs, and bikers expressed their counter culture beliefs only by their uniforms. The highways across America became a symbol of freedom; Hells Angels attracted young men offering an alternative lifestyle without a house in the suburbs, mortgage and regular working hours. Inspired by Peter Fonda film Easy Rider (1969) the culture grew strong and soon became an essential part of the music, fashion, and youth culture.


Vintage Style DEVIL Biker Motorcycle Patch:

Though not an original vintage piece, this vintage 1970's inspired patch depicts The classic Ape Hangers. These are the tallest variety of handlebars. The rider has to reach up to them, or hang on to them like an ape.

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