For the Misfits & Wild Ones

 Established in 2020 by partners Sabrina & Johnny, Sun City Rags is a bespoke, counter culture brand. Specializing in eco-conscious, Apparel & Apothecary. S.C.R has quickly become a favorite of some music's most iconic creators, such as System Of A Down, Anthrax, Cypress Hill, Public Enemy and more.

 Sabrina’s background as a professional HMUA (formerly with Wilhelmina agency) catering to celebrity clients ( Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nick Cannon…) & industry models led to her creation of a clean eco conscious Apothecary line. 

Johnny’s father owned a print shop in the 1970’s and is the inspiration for the Apparel side of Sun City Rags. Having worked in the music industry for close to a decade, Johnny is an award winning songwriter, artist & Billboard chart topping producer. Drawing inspiration from a family tradition of hand printing combined with a background as a Creative Director & deep love of music, Johnny designs every limited run print & one of a kind custom jacket. 

“Know yourself first, then adorn yourself accordingly” -Epictetus

Boogie-till-you-barf - sun city rags

Upcycled Vintage - Sun City Rags

Vintage T Shirts - sun city ragshand pulled tees - sun city rags

one of one collection - sun city rags

one of one collection - sun city rags


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