Earth, Animal and Human Conscious.


Shipping & Printing Practices

  • Whenever possible, we ship our products in recyclable boxes, sealed with craft paper tape.
  • We pack your orders with recycled, biodegradable, or repurposed packaging. 
  • All print materials Are printed by our Eco-printer.


  • We research to make sure EVERY Ingredient comes from 100% cruelty-free sources.
  • All products are “clean” (non-carcinogenic, non-hazardous, Toxic-free) including our candle fragrance oils.
  • We use organic carrier oils and 100% pure essential oils
  • No palm oil
  • Soaps are wrapped in a cotton reusable bag and Banana paper
  • Soap dishes are made of Bamboo
  • All product containers are either recyclable or reusable, mostly glass. We are working towards becoming completely plastic free.
  • We use 2 types of glitter in our lip gloss both are biodegradable and one is also edible.



  • We understand the toll fast fashion has on the environment, and strive to promote staple, long lasting wardrobe options. We work to create garments that showcase individuality over mass produced clothing.
  • The majority of our clothing is 100% eco-friendly sustainably sourced cotton or upcycled materials.

Our Promise

We offer the opportunity to make every purchase carbon neutral through EcoCart.

We continue to educate ourselves and evolve our business to make positive changes for the benefit of all living creatures and our environment.