How To Use And Apply Beard Oil... The Right Way

Natty Goat Beard Oil

We can all agree that any guy can grow facial hair. But it's the right care routine that will put you on the path to ascend to beard god status.

If you're new to the beard game, let's start with explaining the difference between Beard Oil and Balm. 

Beard Balm:
Where beard oil comes in a bottle of liquid, balm is more similar to pomade. Balm has a higher viscosity than oil so it's thicker and takes longer to absorb. It's great for men with thicker longer beards in that it helps to style and curb the flyaway whiskers. 

Beard Oil:
This is the fundamental grooming accessory.  Unlike a Beard Balm which is thicker, Beard Oil is recommended for all beard lengths. It's especially beneficial in early stages of beard growth as a quality beard oil with the right ingredients will stimulate growth while repairing any split ends or damage. For those just starting to grow a beard, using oil daily, moisturizes the hair and your skin to help calm the itchy phase of newer beards.

Now that we're ready to give our beard what it craves, let's get into the nitty gritty!

How do I apply Beard Oil? 

  1. It's best to apply Beard Oil 1 or 2 times a day, usually after a shower.
    After washing your face, lightly towel dry your beard. Always apply to a damp beard. 

  2. Depending on the length of your beard, dab anywhere from 2 to 10+ drops into the palm of your hand. Work your hands together to warm the oil.

    How To Apply Beard Oil

  3. Starting from your neck up, apply to the skin first under your beard and mustache and gently rub it in a semi-upward motion. Then work your way down throughout the beard ending with a downward motion over your mustache and beard to set the beard in place. 

  4.  Comb or brush your beard to evenly distribute the oil. 

  5. Stop and admire your handy work. Lookin Good!

When selecting a quality beard oil, you can't go wrong with a natural option. It's good practice to avoid products with names in the ingredients that an English professor can't even pronounce. 

Naturally, we recommend Natty Goat Beard Oil.


Here's why.

It's a perfectly balanced blend of subtle earthy notes of Sandalwood, Cedar, and Coffee. This killer scent combo helps with boosting serotonin to elevate your mood as well as your beard game. 

Natty Goat contains natural oils to promote beard growth while repairing broken hairs and split ends. It absorbs without that overly greasy feeling, to smooth and condition damaged coarse beards, while hydrating and nourishing itchy dry skin.

Women love the scent and benefits of the Natty Goat just as much as your beard will. With multiple antioxidants for skin and hair you might want to buy 2 (save 15%) and share the love!