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vintage playboy jacket
vintage playboy army jacket
vintage playboy army jacket
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vintage Hustler army jacket
one of a kind hustler army jacket
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70s vintage playboy card

"The Hustler"

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This exclusive completely handmade piece combines various rare and iconic vintage patches and accessories with 100% original vietnam (battle worn) jackets. Each piece is curated and customized by hand to create a one-of-a-kind wearable piece of art and history.

(Men's Small / Women's Medium)

  • Width 20.75"
  • Height: 26.5"
  • Sleeve: 22"

Features of The Hustler:

SUPER RARE 1960's Playboy Club member pin:
This was the official Playboy Club members pin back in the 1960's.

With "bunnies" as waitresses, the world's first Playboy club Downtown gave a new spin on "Leap Day" when it opened on Feb. 29, 1960.
The club premiered that night with entertainers Bobby Short, Irwin Corey, Mabel Mercer and Mae Barnes — and, of course, the now iconic Playboy Bunny waitresses doling out cigarettes, drinks and food to guests and Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. 

Original Rare 1960's Bunny Patch:
The playboy patch on this jacket is a rare original from the vietnam war. 

The wear on the patch is authentic. 

Playboy was a huge morale booster in the vietnam war. Many soldiers wrote to the magazine to tell their stories, while the articles reminded them of home and gave them hope to be there again someday soon. Popular with Special Forces, MACV SOG, and Navy SEALs. The ubiquitous Playboy Bunny logo was everywhere during the Vietnam War. Many units incorporated it's iconic bunny into their unit's crest, as well as blazoned Playboy Bunny Patches on their 'party shirts', 'party berets', and caps.

Original Vintage Peace Chief Patch:

The sheriffs star peace chief patch is an original and dates from 1968-1975 and echo's the voice of many Americans who wanted to see an end to the war, and peace not just overseas but and end to the unrest at home. These were popular among young adults protesting the war in vietnam who would sew or stick them on their jeans, jackets, hats...

Hand Embroidered Name Tape: 
One-of-a-kind "Hustler Name Tape hand stitched by artists Johnny Smoke

Hand Painted Art:
This parody "playboy" design is hand painted by artist Johnny Smoke.

Original 1974 Playboy Playing Card.


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