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Lucky XIII Signature Candle

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Over a year in production, painstakingly crafted from design down to the smallest detail, we're excited to bring you our Lucky XIII Candle.

The scent of our popular signature fragrance in the highest quality, handmade, eco-friendly candle designed to fill any space with the inviting fragrance, warmth and relaxing crackle of campfire.

*Each candle comes in a gold embossed 10 oz. glass jar & box.

Scent Profile: smoked wood, earthy, warm spicy with a hint of sweet.

Top: woodland Forest & Sandalwood
Mid: Peppercorn, Patchouli, & Vetiver
Bottom: Clove & Sweet Smoke


▪️Hand Poured Coconut/Apricot/Soy Wax (paraffin-free)

▪️Wooden wicks -low flame, slower burning

▪️Vegan & Cruelty-Free
(No Reproductive Toxins, Organ Toxins, Acute Toxins)



▪️No Mutagens


  • Make sure your wick is trimmed to 3/16”-1/4” before lighting. If the wick is too long, the wax will not pull up the wick and the wick will extinguish.

  • Be sure to gently snap off the ash or top of the burned section along the top edge and then light as usual.

  • If when burning the candle for long period of time you notice your flame getting too low, it may be necessary to extinguish the flame and when cool tap off any excess ash or burnt wood along the top of the wick. The flame will return to its proper height.

  • Allow the candle to get a full melt pool (all the way to the edges of the container) each time you burn the candle (typically 1-2 hours) this is especially important during the first time you burn it. This prevent the candle from tunneling and ensures the candle burns evenly and you get the most from your candle.

  • Do not burn any candle for longer than 4 hours at a time.

  • Follow all candle safety guidelines.

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Best candle ever

Just like the cologne, makes the whole pad smell beyond good! Everyone loves it!