Lucky XIII - Nuestra fragancia exclusiva

Lucky XIII - Nuestra fragancia exclusiva

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Tamaño: 50 ml.

"¡Cuando llegó mi camiseta, olía tan bien que no quería lavarla!"

Nos han inundado de correos electrónicos y mensajes preguntando por nuestra fragancia exclusiva. Después de años de desarrollo, la fragancia de lotes pequeños meticulosamente elaborada de Sabrina "LUCKY 13" finalmente está disponible para que te la lleves a casa.

Cada lote se elabora cuidadosamente a mano y se cura durante varias semanas.

Esperamos que disfrute de nuestra fragancia de lotes pequeños que se ha convertido rápidamente en la firma de Sun City Rags.

sabrina y johnny
Perfil del aroma: madera ahumada, terroso, especiado cálido con un toque dulce.

Parte superior: bosque arbolado y sándalo
Medio: granos de pimienta, pachulí y vetiver
Fondo: clavo y humo dulce

Concentración: Eu de Parfum

Ingredientes: etanol, aceites aromáticos, agua destilada.

Tamaño: 50 ml 1.691 oz.

Libre de crueldad y hecho para todos.

Customer Reviews

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Nick Ruiz
The cologne for me

I’ve been using SCRs cologne for a few years now. I always get tons of compliments! I won’t use any other fragrance out there! Thank you Sabrina and Johnny!


First smelled it when I bought a shirt and had to get the bottle.

Smells great!

Love this fragrance! I use it in my office, on me, on hubby,everywhere!

Shawn S.
Smoky & Musky

I fucking love this fragrance! I was purchasing all of my smells from Lush but this is exactly what I didn’t know was missing from my life! I love it so much I need to purchase a second & third bottle just so I don’t run out. Please don’t ever stop making it.

Can do no wrong…

At this point, I feel like I should just add you guys to my bank account because I am preparing myself to just give you all of my money! There is nothing that I have purchased from your company that I have not absolutely LOVED! From the apparel to the jewelry, and now this fragrance… you consistently hit it out of the ballpark. I don’t know if I should be grateful or mad that my pockets are emptying - either way yall are amazing!

Daniel Garcia

I took a chance in this cologne and I was not disappointed. I like cologne’s that are unique and different. This covers both. The scent is strong but not overpowering and the lasting power is longer than you’d think. All in all I and extremely happy with this and so is the missus. Best thing was first time wearing it I’m in the elevator with the missus and another lady who said “ I’m sorry please don’t be offended but your man’s cologne is intoxicating “
All day that was the joke my lady saying
Oh you think you’re special cause you’re intoxicating