Lucky 13 - Nuestra fragancia exclusiva
Lucky 13 Sun City Rags
Lucky 13 Sun City Rags
Lucky 13 Sun City Rags
Lucky 13 Sun City Rags

Lucky 13 - Nuestra fragancia exclusiva

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"¡Cuando llegó mi camiseta, olía tan bien que no quería lavarla!"

Nos han inundado de correos electrónicos y mensajes preguntando por nuestra fragancia exclusiva. Después de años de desarrollo, la fragancia de lotes pequeños meticulosamente elaborada de Sabrina "LUCKY 13" finalmente está disponible para que te la lleves a casa.

Cada lote se elabora cuidadosamente a mano y se cura durante varias semanas.

Esperamos que disfrute de nuestra fragancia de lotes pequeños que se ha convertido rápidamente en la firma de Sun City Rags.

sabrina y johnny
Perfil del aroma: madera ahumada, terroso, especiado cálido con un toque dulce.

Parte superior: bosque arbolado y sándalo
Medio: granos de pimienta, pachulí y vetiver
Fondo: clavo y humo dulce

Concentración: Eu de Parfum

Ingredientes: etanol, aceites aromáticos, agua destilada.

Tamaño: 50 ml 1.691 oz.

Libre de crueldad y hecho para todos.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews

Smells outstanding and was what I was looking for :)

Philip P
Great cologne!

I appreciate unique smelling colognes. I’ve always been a fan of patchouli and sandalwood. This has hints of both of those and also has a nice smoky undertone. Also noticed another unique thing about it once you spray it on your skin. As it dries, it seems to bring out other complimenting scents! Good stuff and great job! Keep it up. And keep us posted if you make any other fragrances!

Chris Harris
Should not be like this

I'm picky about smells. In an effort to be as succinct as possible, I LOVE the way this smells. It falls into the same category as classic John Varvatos and as of this moment, Lucky XIII has greatly surpassed my love for that smell. I wear it every day and I WORK FROM HOME. I just that smell swirling around me at all times. If you're not wearing Lucky XIII, you are wrong and you're a horrible person.

Dakota F. Crosby
Sweet Leaf

This scent evokes a flood of memories, days I spent burning incense in my bedroom when I first discovered Black Sabbath and found my love for the darker mysteries of life. The scent is both complex and comforting. My only con is I wish I would have bought more or had a bigger bottle, as I want this to be my signature daily scent! 10/10.

Sean Alatorre
How Sweet the Smell

Lucky 13 is pure fragrant bliss. Love how light the scent permeates from my skin. One application lasts the entire day and night. My wife absolutely loves it on me. Thanks guys! Love your products.


Loved the smell! Did not expect that. Ordered the sample but definitely will be getting full sized bottle!