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The Outlaw

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Features of The Outlaw.

This exclusive completely handmade collection combines various rare and iconic vintage patches and accessories with 100% original vietnam (battle worn) jackets. Each piece is one of a kind, curated and customized by Johnny to create a unique one of a kind wearable piece of art and history.



  • Shoulders: 17.5"
  • Width: 22"
  • Height: 28"


Ace of Spades patches:

During the Vietnam War, American GIs began a tradition of placing the ace on a dead body, or leaving it in a village. Thus ideas like “being aced” were linked to death and dying. GIs would even sometimes wear the Ace of Spades in their helmets as a sign that death was coming with them as a fear tactic.

It became clear that the symbol was less a deterrent against the enemy, and more of a morale booster for the American troops, as it assured them that they were tough and fearless warriors.


Black Panther Company patches:

General Truong pictured here with Major (future General) Schwarzkopf 

During the Tet Offensive of 1968, General Truong commanded the 1st Division during some of the war’s bloodiest fighting in Hue.

His Hac Bao reaction company managed to hold his division headquarters compound and from there he directed the battle calling for reinforcements and directing them where to strike. Together, the U.S Marines and South Vietnamese soldiers and marines fought together to force the enemy out of the area.

Truong had performed magnificently, directing his troops in a calm but charismatic fashion. Lieutenant General Cushman, who became his close friend after working with him, described Truong’s performance during the battle: “He survived with the enemy all around him. They never took his command post..."


Infantry Military Police Insignia pin & patch:

Military police performed the usual law and order, physical security, traffic control and confinement missions. In combat operations, they could be found in their camouflage fatigues patrolling the jungles and villages near Long Binh and in other areas throughout Vietnam.

At the height of the war the brigade consisted over 6000 military police.


Ride Hard, Die Free. 70's hat pin.

In 1970, fashion did not only express belonging to a tribe; it became a political tool as well. Hippies said no to the Vietnam wars, yes to drugs, and bikers expressed their counter culture beliefs only by their uniforms. The highways across America became a symbol of freedom; Hells Angels attracted young men offering an alternative lifestyle without a house in the suburbs, mortgage and regular working hours. Inspired by Peter Fonda film Easy Rider (1969) the culture grew strong and soon became an essential part of the music, fashion, and youth culture.


Seabees screenprint:

Trained for combat as well as construction, Seabees frequently found themselves in the thick of the fighting and just as often distinguished themselves with their heroism.


Lone Wolf patch:

Though not vintage this vintage style patch has been hand distressed and ads to the Outlaw mystique. Just like the lone wolf, there's only one of these jackets in existence.

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